Make a Bit of Space for Yourself

Posted by Sue on Nov 1, 2011  

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”   

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

November is Get a Jumpstart on the Holidays month at Breathing Space.

How are your holiday preparations going? No, I’m not going to ask whether you’ve finished your Christmas or Hanukah shopping yet (I certainly haven’t). In my last tip I suggested that you focus on what you want to create during this holiday season: Joy, serenity, festivity, sanity, peace, tranquility … In this week’s tip, I suggest you create a little breathing space in your life for these worthy qualities to shine forth.

How do you create a bit of space in your life? A concept called Selected Neglect popped up in my life a couple years ago. This is the practice of intentionally letting go of something, or somethings: Actively deciding not to write the holiday letter or make bread for every one of your children’s teachers or attend any holiday parties or choosing to turn off all screens (television, computers, hand-helds) one evening every week or _____ (fill in the blank). Taking control of the treadmill that is about to lurch into the highest speed by s-l-o-w-i-n-g down invites you to create your experience rather than react to time-worn circumstances.

So, take a deep breath and search for ONE thing you are doing that you will deliberately let go of for the next 10 weeks: One activity that you will intentionally put on the back burner. And then reassign that pocket of time to something that pleases you and creates the kind of holiday that soothes your soul. Maybe you fill the time by visiting an elderly friend or taking a long overdue walk in the woods or simply taking a nap. Rest assured, the people in your life will only benefit from your IN-ACTION.

What will you selectively neglect? What will you let go of in order to make space in your life for what matters most? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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A quick holiday organizing tip:

If you’re having trouble letting go of all the things you like to do during this holiday season, make a list in your journal or calendar or anything that you’ll likely be able to find next October of each of the tasks, events or I-wish-I-coulds that you have decided to selectively neglect. This simple exercise will ease your mind and give you a jumpstart on next year’s holiday planning.

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Sue- This is really to your tip that came out today about CLOUD & automatic back ups. THANK YOU very much for that tip. I hope you will post it here on your blog as well. I now have a new website which I warmly invite all your readers to visit. I have a link in my bio there to Breathing Space- land from which I came…I decided to learn by your example–and back up on a CLOUD immediately!
Thank you very much- I’m glad to avoid trouble when possible.

April 11th, 2012 | 1:01 pm
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