Joy – a key ingredient – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Jun 28, 2007  

What an incredible time of the year… I think it’s about time to
wrap up my current discussion about paper handling – for at least a

What’s been on my mind is how vital JOY is when you are trying to
do ANYTHING! Seems to me that it’s more basic than any specific

As in: this morning BEFORE I sat down at my desk, I went outside
into my yard. Mind you, it’s a postage stamp size yard but it was
cool and lovely and there were more birds singing than I could
possibly count. Deep breath- JOY!

There’s plenty that needs attention,in our personal lives and in
the world. To me- the reason for getting organized is so that you
have more time and energy to work on the things that
matter most to you and /or bring you joy.

But it’s a chicken/egg sort of thing. To have the energy to organize
you need to have time doing something you LOVE! And, in order to have more
time for the things that you love you need to have your STUFF and
space laid out so it’s easy to get things done.

TRY IT- in the next two weeks: to get some difficult task done, take
a half hour to an hour to do something you REALLY love- that makes
you feel great. Then set the timer for an hour and dive in to do the
thing you’ve been dreading.  See how it goes and let me know!

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