Is it really a bargain?

Posted by Sue on Sep 7, 2011  

Is it really a bargain?

Along with the end of summer crickets and the occasional red maple leaf, are the end of summer sales. Have you noticed? You can’t walk ten feet in a downtown without being bombarded with, “Back to School Special” and “Drastically Marked Down” ~ All with double and triple exclamation points!!!

Bargain is a dangerous word.

Several of my clients have commented on how difficult it is to pass up a great deal, even when they have no particular use for the whirligig and have been determinedly decluttering for months or even years. The pull is so strong. Even for me; though I’ve spent hundreds of hours helping folks figure out how to deal with the stuff that clutters their spaces and lives.

Beware the getcha phrases!

They are designed to make you stop, forget what you were planning to do with your hard earned pennies and buy, buy, buy:

  • DISCOUNTED 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%

Instead of getting caught – try this purchasing test.

I call it, the Do I Really Want to Buy It? quiz, not unlike my Keep Test. Here are the questions:

1)   Do I love it? Will it really make my heart sing to have it?
2)   Is it something that I have been planning to purchase or needing for a specific use? Or is it the idea of getting a bargain that is pushing me to buy?
3)   Is it truly a treasure? Is it something that I will use and cherish for a long time?

To actually save money and space, run every purchase – no matter how discounted – past the Do I Really Want to Buy It? quiz to confirm that it will truly be a savings for you. Sales and bargains are great if you don’t let yourself get trapped into buying stuff that you never needed and may never use.

So Readers … Beware the bargain bin!

What’s your best bargain story?

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