ICE in April – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Apr 17, 2007  

If you think that you didn’t get a Breathing Space tip last week
you are right. I was mulling too long and finally decided to wait
until this week.

If you are like me, you have tons of email arriving every day. I
have been thinking a lot about what sort of tips are the best to
send. There are so many possibilities and sometimes I think the
organizing umbrella is VERY wide. Other times I’m not so sure.

So I want to check with you.

When I learn things that seem valuable to me and in some way fit in
my Breathing Space world – is it ok with you if I send them onward
even if they don’t seem purely organizational? What about warnings
about food products? What about ways to do things that are kinder
to the environment?

Sure you can always unsubscribe but I’d prefer to send tips that
you find valuable – ones which make sense to you as fitting why
you decided to sign up for these tips in the first place. I’m sending
you two tips this week and would love feedback.  Like one and
not the other? Glad to have both? Want something very different?

Tip # 1  with thanks to Liz Hellewell -

Police across the US are asking that you program this entry on
your cell phone: ” ICE ” signifying In Case of Emergency.

Your cell phone can be a valuable tool to reach your family in case
of emergency. Probably you already have these numbers on your phone
but the police would have to know which numbers to call. If you ALSO
record the numbers of the people you want called with the name listed
as ICE, they can call the correct person right away!

I now have ICE listed twice with two different numbers. Being my
usual non-technical self I had trouble getting ICE as all caps.
Finally I put a space between the letters and got caps: as in I C E.
It’s very clear and if the police try one ICE and don’t reach anyone
they can try the other right away.


Tip #2   This worked so perfectly for me that I thought- ah tell my
readers! Please let me know if your reaction is “NOT”!

A SPEEDY way to clean your microwave! From USA weekend …Apr 6-8,’07
Put a bowl of water with a slice of lemon in it in your microwave
and nuke it on HIGH for a few minutes.  The good smelling steam makes
it amazingly easy to sponge the inside clean and it’s totally
biodegradable !


That’s all for now. If you start doing spring decluttering and
hit any snags or roadblocks email me. If something has stopped you,
it’s probably caught others as well. Feel free to email victories

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