How do YOU do what doesn’t come naturally?

Posted by Sue on Oct 11, 2006  

This in NOT a rhetorical question for me! I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve been thinking about all the actions that don’t come easily to me and what a hard time I have with maintaining a routine. Surprise?!

Many people have the idea that “being organized” is about self discipline. It probably is for some people. And as I’m sure you well know, there’s all kinds of SHOULDS attached to the subject. But here’s the thing, for me(sigh) keeping a space clear and attractive is not a discipline, it’s more like scratching an itch.
For example,

The butcher block in our kitchen is where the mail lands when it comes in our house. Either Bob or I bring it in and 90% of the time separate out what’s his and what’s mine right away. Next, unless I have to be somewhere in minutes (right while I’m standing there) I sort through my mail/ tear the credit card offers in two for safety and put all the mail I don’t truly need or want into recycling. The recycling bin is just around the corner in the pantry. What’s left goes into the BILLS TO PAY or in a small reading pile by my placemat.

I am SO visual. My eyes sort of caress the table (It’s actually a child’s leaf desk that my Dad made with a kit from SEARS in 1953!) When I walk by the table I see the placemats, the fresh flowers and I almost physically CRAVE having the butcher block and table clear of any extra stuff. It’s that way with most of my spaces – most of the time.
However, to be very honest, there’s NOTHING about discipline in my ability to process the mail. It’s more like dealing with a pebble in my shoe. Thus, I don’t deserve any particular kudos for my ability to keep my counter and table clear!

What do you do well naturally? What is that like for you?
Given that you are reading this blog, it’s seems likely that clutter and staying organized is a challenge for you. Luckily (since I have chosen this as my work) I can help figure out solutions that people seeem to be able to latch onto and use and their spaces stay more organized… BUT I am still pondering this discipline vs what comes naturally issue.

Here are three of my current challenges:

1)Regular daily exercise

2)Regular meditation

3)Doing my Spanish homework.
All three of these are things I believe in; I want the benefits that come from doing them. AND!!! doing them as a regular practice is SO MUCH HARDER than keeping my kitchen counter clear!

So let’s chat about about how to do the things that don’t come naturally. With luck I have at least another 1/3 of my life to work on this. Please share what has worked (and not worked) for you!

Blessings, Joanna

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