Getting Clear

Posted by Sue on Oct 16, 2008  

If you have a second- stop reading and make a cup of tea or hot cider NOW ! I will. I’ll be right back.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now take a long deep breath – and have a sip.


It’s early morning here. The moon is going down in the west over the rosy red/gold trees that seem to color the air even before the sun comes up.

It seems to me that this is very much a time in our lives,in our country and in our world for GETTING CLEAR. What I mean, from a Breathing Space perspective and also a spiritual one (whatever your personal faith)is that this is a time to be quiet and get clear – for me too. I am very much including myself in this.

It seems to me a truly right time to get clear

About what really matters to you
About what you truly need
About how to live according to your highest principles.

Perhaps this is the key to what I experience on Sister Parish trips El Salvador. In the small community I go to there is almost nothing of the daily stuff that we might consider NECESSARY yet I get a tangible sense of the people having a huge amount of love and joy.

So maybe now is our time to practice a bit of what they seem to know — for getting clear about priorities.

In the world of STUFF — it’s a good time to again look at all the stuff you already have … and yes, to use the “KEEP TEST”. A really good time to consider what you have around you and why. Does it feed your heart and soul?

If there is something in your space that you neither use nor love, if it doesn’t make your heart sing…pass it on to someone else who WILL love or use it!

As a result, you will have more time and energy to focus on the people you love and the things you love to do.

A small example — Three weeks ago I brought home some very nice corduroy slacks from a church rummage sale thinking I would add to my Fall/Winter choices. They were by donation and looked nice when I tried them on. BUT – for some reason the pant legs REALLY aren’t long enough.

I could keep them around and keep on trying to make them work- but do I really need them? Will they make my life easier in any way?

I figure I will take them to our local Hospice store today and someone else will be able to get a warm pair of nice looking pants at almost no cost…and I won’t keep wishing they were slightly different. Why spend even one second more wrapping my brain around my pant legs!!!

Although I have had bunches of other tips that I’ve been planning on sending to you– this is decluttering at it’s most basic.

Wishing you a growing sense of peace and clarity with warmest regards,  Joanna

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