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Posted by Sue on May 9, 2008  

Amelia Kinney kindly gave me permission to use her email to me
in full – has some great ideas and alternate perspectives!
Thank You Amelia!

I want to also wish you all – a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! The way I
see it- we all (female and male) take on the mother role at times !

From Amelia:

Dear Joanna,

I’ve been doing massive deep cleaning, sorting, purging and
organizing for some months now.  And I’ve been following your tips,
after having hired a Feng Shui specialist two years ago.

In regard to your 3/13 e-tip, I would have to differ.  I decided I
could not wait to buy organizing tools, having lived with heavy
chaos for the past 11 years.  I purge, sort and organize all at the
same time.  I’ve found that having and using organizing tools
before I’ve finished purging and sorting gives me some peace of
mind while tackling the rest of the task at hand.

I began my creating order odyssey with my smallest room, the
bathroom; it happens to fall in my Wealth Gua. And I knew I needed
money or wealth to complete the rest of my home.  I organized and
painted the bathroom so well that magical money and resources
landed in my lap that enabled me to go back to school and start my
own business.  I didn’t even have a car that would drive me back &
forth to my school.  But the car happened, too.

I was tackling my work desk the other week and I realized that in
order for me to keep my sanity and to keep up my motivation to
continue purging, sorting and organizing I had to use organizing
tools as I went along–not at the end.  Even if only one corner of
one room is clear and organized, that space provides clarity of
mind.  In fact, as I think back, I began my efforts two+ years ago
with clearing the kitchen table, that is, taking everything off of
it and wiping it down.  A clear kitchen table:  just that amount of
external clarity provided enough internal clarity not to be
overwhelmed with a whole houseload of chronic and severe chaos.

I also hire a friend from time to time to help me keep up with the
basics, like doing dishes and vacuuming.  When I have no money I
barter services or goods for services.  In the beginning, in
exchange for an hour’s cleaning I would cook a complete homemade
dinner.  That way we both ate and my house was clean–if still

Get a paper shredder.  I got mine off of Freecycle.com

Getting bookshelves was a very important event for me.

If you’re are like me, make sure you date boyfriends or girlfriends
who like to clean and organize.  That helps immensely.  Myself, I
hate cleaning, sorting and organizing.  It’s just not where my
aptitudes lie.

  1. The past is the past is the past: when in doubt throw it out.
  2. When shopping for new or recycled things:  when in doubt, leave it out (don’t buy it).

Amelia Kinney—Yes, you can use any of my suggestions!

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