Flowers & You – Organzing Tip

Posted by Sue on May 22, 2008  

I hope Spring has been treating you well… here in Vermont a
hundred shades of green have finally replaced the images
of the long white winter.

Working at my computer I can see the lilacs in the vase on
the corner of my desk as well as breathe in their wonderful
smell. When I mentioned this on the phone to my colleague May
Johnstone of www.delicioushealing.com the other day she said,
” Oh I LOVE them but they always wilt right away when I
bring them inside!”

I told her something I realize now that I learned long ago. She
emailed back,”Aaah, the scent of lilac wafting over my desk! I’m sooo
grateful for your tip. Bet others would be too, how about it?

Sure here ’tis:

Lilacs or any other flowers with a woody stem need more access to
water than they can get via a normal straight cut. The secret is
to mash an inch or two at the end of the stem with a hammer or
mallet. This spreads out the stem and greatly increases the area that
can bring in water.

The hammering can seem a bit awfull but since lilacs are so delicious
and disappear so soon after they bloom – it seems worth it to me to
enjoy them inside your home as well as outside.

All best wishes, Joanna

p.s.FLOWERS are a great inspiration for keeping a table or desk top
uncluttered. When you have something beautiful to look at, it makes
it harder to let stuff pile up around it. Do consider placing flowers
in your daily spaces.

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