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Posted by Sue on Apr 26, 2007  

Don’t hear a word they say – only a shadow on my mind…”
That may not be the exact quote but that’s how I remember it and rather than go searching I thought I’d say hello.

There’s so much information “talking at us” all the time that I have been pondering the purpose of this blog as related to all the messages you already get; thinking how Breathing Space and I can best use this space.
I think I have finally figured out how this blog will be different from the organizing tips I send out to folks who ask for them. The tips are available and over time I will make them more so … an RSS feed etc and so forth…
But, I do want to talk about organzing and world issues somewhere; about specific ways in which we humans can make small differences that add up – and this blog can officially be that place.
As you who have visited my website know, for me, the main reason for spending any time on organizing is to make it more possible to do what you really love and care about. And the STUFF we have AND what we do with it are also very much linked to how the world-at-large functions.


The most recent world helping/organizing tip that I have heard is about saving electricity by plugging in your electronic devises to a power strip. When you leave your work space – or entertainment space – TV etc. even if you have turned off individual machines – it saves more electricity if you also turn off the power strip.

Most electronic devices have some electric pull even when you turn them off. Those little red lights inform you that SOME electricity is being used simply in order to tell you that the device is NOT being used! Do you need that?

The investment for a power strip is as low as $4.99 and you will save a bit of electricity every day. Every bit adds up!

Do you have other tips that have worked for you? please share!


Power strips- obvious, but a good idea, too. Another obvious one is taking the time to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs.

April 26th, 2007 | 6:48 pm

Agreed! Thank you Mark! I’ve had the compact flourescent bulbs for a long time but the power strip was a recent revelation for me.

I’m just back from a superb documentary “SALUD!” about,”conflicting values and the urgency of ensuring the universal right to health care” and about the remarkable work being done.

It fits under my blog umbrella but deserves its own post and will get one tomorrow – for more info visit http://www.saludthefilm.net.

April 26th, 2007 | 7:27 pm
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