Eating Humble Pie and Decluttering

Posted by Sue on Nov 12, 2006  

Well- what can I say. It’s aready November 12 at 10 pm and this weekend I’ve been nibbling away on my extra piece of humble pie.

What is that about?

Well- quite possibly you are a visitor here because decluttering and getting organized are challenges for you. You may also be here because you find moving around the internet and its many forms as easy as turning on the light and you decided to follow some link to learn something that will make your clutter problems just a bit less difficult.
When I respond to decluttering questions I feel at ease and contented. I like sharing what I know about making spaces and I get a sense of having been helpful and oh yes- a bit wise. I am pleased to explain whatever I can to readers and clients. I can be gentle and patient – discussing this and that about making a space – happy with the information I am making available.

BUT when I am on the other end of the learning game – does that feel different!

Here’s the scoop. Last month I finished my new website and also had this BLOG created for me. Then I got swamped doing a million other things and also went to visit my father who is 88 1/2 and moving from the Vienna flat that has been his home for 40 years. So for several weeks I haven’t touched my website and yesterday when I looked at it and decided to edit a little I discovered that I couldn’t remember how to do the editing!

Humble Pie R-ME! NOT KNOWING how to do something is NOT FUN …in my books! How could I NOT know how to do that simple thing. SO THIS is what it feels like when something so basic is mind boggling. THIS is what my clients probably feel like when decluttering is so difficult for them.
This weekend I was reading about blogging and all the ways it can be used and here I am with a blog that is supposed to get lots of “traffic” and I’m supposed to be able to write articles that get links on other websites – and folks are supposed to be able to come to this blog to chat about their organizing troubles and get good advice and plenty of good old TLC .. and what is happening??? I duuno. Not much. A fellow classmate posted one post and I never wrote back! There’s so much I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine I will ever feel capable in this arena.

In the old school of life, I probably wouldn’t tell you any of this …but if I can’t admit to being challenged how can I expect clients to? So here’s the scoop … I KNOW what it feels like to NOT know how to do something with ease while others all around me seem to it so speedily. YUCKY— like a big piece of humble pie!

Thus I hereby promise that more than ever I will respect the degree of struggle and despair you may feel about your space. If you happen to read this –please remember that whatever you do well- there’s someone else who would do anything to have that skill. And whatever you don’t do well … it gives you a helpful reminder of how someone else may feel when struggling to accomplish a task that is totally easy to you.

And now it’s getting late -to be quite honest- I don’t know how to close this and then add more later … I am hoping that when I close this it will actually stay available to you. If I could I would save now and work on it more tomorrow but I don’t know how to store it safely so I’ve been pushing past eye drooping fatigue.

Can YOU tell me how to SAVE so it will be here tomorrow? Do you have a question about decluttering and organizing that you’d like to ask me? Rest assured! – I’ve had a very healthy portion of humble pie and can appreciate any you might be swallowing.

Good night dear folks out there in cyberspace… may your next hours go well …and do WRITE something/ANYTHING if you find this.. If you have hints or questions — all the better. I imagine this as a place to chat.

Buenas noches! Joanna

p.s. Just found an edit button AFTER I posted this so I’ve been back to edit (YAY) and really am saying good night. Hope you’ll visit my website if you haven’t … and DO drop me a line about your own assortment of victories and challenges.


Leave it to you, Joanna, to make “humble pie” tasty! Welcome home.

As you know, people (like me) who find decluttering to be difficult and overwhelming, do best when they don’t try to do it all themselves, and instead ask for and/or get help — a friend, a coach, a guidebook like yours (which is helping me), or hiring an organizer like you. (I sure wish you lived closer — let me know if western NY State is ever in your travel plans!)

So, too, those who find webmastering and blogging and all things cyber to be “too much”, need simply to remember:
1) You cannot and need not do it alone, and
2) LOTS of help is available!!

I have a couple of specific resources to recommend if your blog is Tyepad-based; am still looking for a good WordPress-made-easy guide.

AmpleHugs & SunflowerSmiles,

November 13th, 2006 | 7:19 am

Hi Joanna,

It is so refreshing to see your authentic words. I really resonate with the sense of overwhelm that floats up from your post.

There are many kinds of clutter aren’t there? I am experiencing this new clutter of what to do to keep a website and blog up and running. The jumbled piles of thought, plans and to-do’s in my head seems sadly familiar to the stacks of papers in my office.

So I am glad you are here. I trust you will not only sort yourself out but help us with your wisdom – even if it’s very freshly formed.

November 13th, 2006 | 5:47 pm

Thanks Dave and Anne. So great to hear from you… this was why I wanted a blog! To make a place for real conversations about clutter and life. Thanks for your honesty and encouragement. I will let you know Anne if I’m ever heading West.

To tell you — this is actually the 2nd! “leave a reply” that I am writing to you- my first disappeared when I left it to do a brief edit! Sigh- ah well.

My conclusion? I need to get a live computer coach. Although I love reading, I am not good at following written instructions.
I am going to look for someone who can (ideally)sit by my side!
Another option is someone who can talk me through things on the phone.

Speaking of which – I am going to do a tele-class in January-where folks can be in the comfort of their own homes, even in their pjs and work on their spaces while being in touch with classmates and moi! I have thought about doing this for years and am very excited about seeing how it works.

SO– it’s worth getting over the frustrating hurdles. Thanks again for writing! May we all survive and thrive!

November 14th, 2006 | 7:26 am
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