DON’T BUY Containers – Yet!

Posted by Sue on Mar 13, 2008  

Working with a new client the other day I was reminded of how
tempting it is to think that buying organizing STUFF will solve the
problem. Catalogs show beautiful,serene spaces trying to convince
you that all you need is to buy a new SOMETHING.

My strong recommendation is DON’T!!! Don’t buy new shelving , new
containers nor another file cabinet. Not yet.

First – find out what you really need and want in your space. There
may be a lot of things you almost never use.  Say it’s a bunch of
bowls that you want to keep for the future when you have more
time for company… Rather than purchasing a new cupboard and
filling up your daily living space … put the extra items put in
a clearly marked space in the attic or basement or even in the
back of a closet.

If you want less clutter, the first thing to do is consider
what you want to see(admire) or use everyday …

Once you KNOW for sure what you really need and want in your
active( most lived in spaces), then it MAY be time to buy a

So FIRST – declutter!

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