“Doing a Joanna?” – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Feb 27, 2007  

Yesterday I was thinking about which tip to send when one of my
clients phoned and said, “I wanted to tell you – I did a Joanna
this weekend on my bedroom. It’s the one space in the house that’s
all my mine – where I write and meditate. I’m so glad to have
it really nice again!”

Of course it was great to hear that and since her call I’ve been wondering
how FEW words it might take to tell you what she meant. When I wrote the
DECLUTTERING 101 mini-guide with my step-by-step process it seemed as brief
and to the point as I could get.

But, as an experiment, I’m thinking it would be fun to try to describe what
“doing a Joanna” means in it’s absolute bare bones and find out what
happens at your end.

I figure out individual systems for helping clients STAY organized
but the decluttering process is pretty much the same everywhere I go.
Want to try it?

You have to set aside a bit of time…the process goes like this:

Choose a very small space (one shelf, one drawer) and dump everything
out of it onto an old sheet- clean the emptied space. Now put back
into that space only what you actually use and/or love. Put everything
else somewhere else: give away, trash, sell, to the treasure chest if
it has special meaning, or out and about where you can see and enjoy it.


Definitely there are lots of additional techniques that clear the runaway
and make all this easier but what if you only have that one paragraph?

You are invited to send me before/after photos or stories OR send a photo
or description of the strangest item you found during the process. The
first two space makers/declutters to report in get a free copy of
Decluttering 101- and a small box of Tom & Sally’s Vermont chocolates.
Can’t eat chocolate? let me know. End date – one week- March 6

Ready – set – go!

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