Discipline – and Napoleon Hill

Posted by Sue on Oct 12, 2006  

Before Jack Canfield, before Wayne Dyer – back in the days of Andrew Carnegie, there was Napoleon Hill.

Well – what he says is FOCUSED intention… and what I realize is there’s probably no way of avoiding discipline if one wants to do what does NOT come naturally!

I DO want to get daily exercise because there’s tons more that I want to accomplish in my life and I would rather do it healthy. I also meditated (a bit) today and next I am going to study some Spanish before class.

I guess what I have decided is that as lovely as it is to do what one does easily – there are probably some things that are going to take discipline and work. For some people it will take discipline to keep the counter clear – for me it will take discipline to exercise every day.

So there it is … back to the drawing board – make a plan – get support. Appreciate that some things come easily and work on the rest! So be it – Joanna

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