Take time to dream…

Posted by Sue on Mar 30, 2007  

I advise clients, who are trying to take new steps with color in their homes, but have no sense yet of what they want, to go to the library; look through a bunch of home beautiful books, put paper strip markers by the spaces that appeal to them …and dream. It costs nothing!

My heart of business tele-class partner from Alberta, Pam Klappstein, has a wonderful business called Your Inner Artist . Her free newsletter this week was, in it’s simplest, about how it is necessary to deliberately schedule time in your life for your dreams… ahhh- yes Pam.
So last night I went to have a look at the Spanish immersion school in El Sal – a site I had bookmarked months ago- take a look if you like. I’ve emailed a question to the school. That doesn’t cost anything. True, an email doesn’t make the trip happen. But it’s a start.

It’s time to turn off the computer. I have a lovely client at ten this morning – we are working on sorting through all the STUFF in her kitchen before she has it redone- so that she will know what really fits in her life now and then build in accordance with that.

Yes- I DO love my Breathing Space work and am very glad it’s what I do. The Spanish is about allowing myself to imagine another dream becoming reality. And, because of doing that, having more energy for everything.

I’m wishing you the same!


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p.s. To Dylan Emrys of whatyourbabyknows.com , classmate and friend, who just taught me by phone how to LINK successfully- many thanks.


Absolutely, Joanna. I’ve found that there is a delicate balance between structure and freedom. Without structure- no freedom. But, too much structure, and the freedom slips away.

Scheduling time to dream…

Your post is of particular interest, because we’re adding some new things to our living room- a new level of love, and color, and beauty. And I’m realizing that however daring I may be in my business, I’m hesitant in expressing myself artistically in the home.

So this is a ripe topic of exploration for me. Thanks!

March 31st, 2007 | 8:43 am

Thank YOU Mark! Isn’t it interesting how each of us has our own set of daring and hesitancy. Luckily we can help each other.

Your living room changes sound delicious – bon apetite! Joanna

April 5th, 2007 | 12:10 pm

P.S. What I was meaning here is that every single person has a particular set of daring and hesitancy — It sounded a bit in my last post as though I was referring to the two of us … true – but I meant all the rest of the world as well. J

April 5th, 2007 | 12:20 pm
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