Dad’s Shortwave – Dealing with Treasures

Posted by Sue on Aug 9, 2008  

Here’s a super idea from a reader that I was given permission to share  with you!

“When I read your request for additional strategies that have worked
(it was in regard to keeping treasures), I thought you’d be
interested in one that I’ve come to use quite a lot, especially
after I had to help clean out my parents’ house and its five
decades of clutter.

There were a number of family “heirlooms” that I had a hard time
parting with: the Hallicrafters shortwave radio my Dad kept by his
bed for 50 years, a funky early Sixties sunburst wall clock that
hung in the kitchen of my childhood, and so on.  On a whim, I
looked for these and other “irreplacable” items on eBay, and found
other people had sold these identical items for much less than I
ever would have guessed. Almost the entire contents of my parents’
house could be purchased on online.  The advent of eBay has made a
fallacy out of most one-of-a-kind claims, and it eliminates a
powerful excuse for keeping “treasures.”  I now regard eBay as a
long-term storage locker all the “treasures” I have eliminated from
my life. If I ever really want that shortwave radio badly enough, I
know where I can get one. In the mean time, eBay is storing it for
me safely, out of sight, and rent-free.

A natural corollary to this is the public library, which I regard
as my own personal library, neatly and efficiently maintained
somewhere else by someone else.  I was able to purge an impressive
number of books simply by finding out whether or not the local
library had a copy. If, like 99.99% of books I own, it wasn’t
something I needed to refer to on a daily or weekly basis, I’m
content to store my copy virtually at the public library, with the
added benefit of letting others in the community share it and enjoy
it as much as I once did (and may again).

Both of these mindsets are useful strategies that can ease the pain
of parting with objects that we perceive as being more unique than
they really are.”

On my part- I am not sure that “unique” is my criteria as much as
the “warm fuzzies” that come from some treasures but it certainly
could help lots in some situations. Any questions?

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