Conquering Your Mail – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Jun 1, 2007  

I hope this month will bring lots of your wishes. If one of them is
less struggle with all the mail that comes in, read on.

If the avalanche of mail is something you have conquered… bravo!
Give yourself a gold star on this one and skip the rest of today’s

Still here ? Okay… The good news is that I just had the chance
(yet again) to see this method work for a client who has struggled
with mail forever!

Here are the basics:

Assign ONE surface in your home for the mail. It needs to be at
standing height and as near as possible to the door you come in
with the mail.

Clear this surface.(If you have old piles there – put them in a box
to handle as though they too are incoming mail.)

This is now your one and only mail handling center. ALL incoming
mail is placed here. Your goal is to clear this space every day.
(It REALLY is possible and gets faster and faster).

Place recycling & trash bins right there so that while you stand
sorting the mail you can TOSS EVERYTHING that isn’t absolutely
something you intend to act on. Tear or cut credit card offers and
the like into several pieces so they can’t be used.

(Act on = read/pay/answer/or save – either as a treasure or
because you HAVE TO=tax info etc.)

Assign a clear location for each of these categories. This is where
you plan to DEAL with them. (Not on your counter).

If more than one person in your household gets mail – then have an
assigned place (basket/cubbie)for their mail – in the same locale
but not ON the clear surface.

Sort and deliver the mail daily.

This practice can become as fast as brushing your teeth…
don’t believe me???

Try it and call or email me about where you get
stuck or… let me know about your victory -  Okay?

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