Confessions of a Professional Organizer

Posted by Sue on May 1, 2012  

Chapter One: Better Late Than Never

I began this blog in January ~ the month of resolutions. The slate was clean; everything was possible; the energy of the Universe invited me forward into new ways of being in the world. That was January. Here it is, May 1st: Lots of good intentions, little action.

It has been my plan, in the last eight months, to share with you, dear Readers, my process of decluttering and organizing my own space. Most days of the week find me at someone else’s home or office helping rescue them from the overwhelming dilemma of too much stuff. As business has picked up, my own life has become overwhelmed with the same dilemma. When I was less busy, I had the time to keep my home, office and life fairly well organized. But gradually, first a drawer, then a dresser, then a closet and now, whole rooms have developed the Creeping Stuff Syndrome.

Creeping Stuff Syndrome or CSS, is a dreaded disease (indeed a dis-ease of the soul) and one you may know. It sneaks up slowly and often doesn’t fully declare itself until you are looking for that important document you put down somewhere only to find yourself tearing apart the study to find it. You make de-cluttering promises to yourself and your family; you resolve to take a week off to sort through the piles and get back on track; you even swear you’ll call Breathing Space.  And then you get busy with other things.

CSS has become my life (it’s like CSI, but with less blood). As a Professional Organizer, my reputation and integrity are at stake. But more importantly, I’m sick and tired of living like this. And so, I invite you along on my journey from chaos to calm. I will report my progress weekly, and even include some before and after pictures and videos (if I can find my camera).

I pledge to you, dear Readers, to be as transparent as possible. Though I must admit I planned to start this blog with before and after pictures of what my family affectionately calls the cat-poop closet (yes, there’s a story there, no, I’m not going to tell it). Instead, I just cleaned it out. Maybe, just perhaps, a bit of shame at work?

Tally, thus far:

Garbage bags: 3

Recycling bags: 2

Donation bags: 6

Boxes of books: 2

‘Til next week …


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Thanks for doing this…I expect it will be motivating!

May 3rd, 2012 | 1:57 pm
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