Posted by Sue on Jul 10, 2009  

To think that some people blog a dozen times a day! Is that you? Meanwhile, my last posting here was in February! Oops!

Now it’s SUMMER ’09 and you are doing whatever fills your time during these months. Some people change focus – slow down/ recharge batteries and try to do as little as possible. For others it’s weddings, trips, yard sales, and all kinds of projects that can’t be done other times of the year.

Good news is that Breathing Space is expanding and there are about to be two of us to answer your questions, post tips ,and provide training as well as doing on-site organizing. Thank goodness! Since February I have been getting very involved in local community work. Luckily at the same time I’ve been talking with my good friend and colleague Susan Venman about collaborating- not only getting things in shape but also adding to Breathing Space services.

Sue is a certified personal coach with a specialty in ADHD coaching. She has introduced me to some great ideas that will soon be coming your way. We  are thrilled with the possibility of  offering new options as well as covering a larger geographic area.  If you think that ADHD might be a part of your challenges,if you want to set up a workshop for the Fall or,  are simply ready for a tune up –now is a good time to call.  802-258-4800

Wishing you a fantastic July and August, Joanna (and Sue!)

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