Boxes Collection R US!

Posted by Sue on Nov 11, 2010  

Today I did a consultation in a wonderful house with a couple who are planning to move to a retirement community – probably in two years. Their  sister-in-law had offered to give them  a consultation to help them  get a plan in place for the process of downsizing.  Because of the tip I’d written a while back about embracing limits which included a tale of boxes,  I was invited to see the  collection in the attic of this house.  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t really capture  the great variety  but you’ll get the idea .  It was agreed  that when moving time gets closer the collection will be pared  down to 20 of the most precious boxes.  But in the meantime they’ll be relished and used  liberally !  Since I too love sweet boxes  I had a great time looking at them and got permission to share the photo with you…

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