A World of Changes – Organizing Tip

Posted by Sue on Mar 28, 2007  

My plan has been to write to you about the library system – what I
mean is – a way to truly SEE the things in your space that you are
keeping because of the warm “fuzzy” feelings they give you.

Last week when I took a palm sized metal bus off the windowsill to
dust it for my client, he said, “I haven’t actually SEEN that for a
long time.”  He has a lot of very dear treasures — the little bus
being one of them BUT it had been collecting dust – unappreciated.

So I talked to him about what I call “The LIBRARY SYSTEM” .

This is how it works. What you do is have a safe place for storing
your treasures – someplace tucked away. THAT is the “library”.  Then
in your daily living space (such as the kitchen window sill) you place
a few things which delight you. Enjoy them. Have them greet you -
and feel the smile on your face and/or in your heart.

However- WHEN you STOP seeing them- it’s time to go to your “library”
and make an exchange.  This way your treasures will truly feed your
heart and soul as you will see them.  That’s the tip for this week.

Let me know what happens.

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