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Posted by Sue on Mar 29, 2007  

In February I sent out a tip about “Doing a Joanna” – which can also be called the scoop method. It’s what works best for me.
Anyway — I received back an email and poem which I have been planning to post here for weeks. But I haven’t been able to figure out how as it came to me in PDF format.

Finally – at 6:15p.m. March 29 my husband Bob gets “Super Geek” status – in my eyes for sure! He showed me (oh so simple- to him) how to copy and paste a PDF! Yahooo! If you like beautiful furniture take a look at what Bob really loves to do by going to www.rueterwoodworking.com .
Here with her go ahead are Connie’s email and poem:
“After I read your message, I decided to send you a poem I wrote after decluttering an important space. I had already decluttered it when I got your message, but it was just what your message described and it was recent. This is a small space, about two forearms long and one forearm wide.

Writing Table

For years I’ve loved the hodgepodge
of rooftops, chimneys and windows
I see from here
a jumble of planes and angles.
No one could have planned it.
For years I haven’t sat here
to write. Two babies at once
is a lot, but the truth is,
I let myself diminish:
I had nothing to say.
Once upon a time my table
looked out on raspberry brakes;
there was a neighboring mule.
I dwindled to zero there.
If, God forbid, I live to a hundred,
will I learn? We get the same lessons
over and over until we see
yet not the self-same.
(We’re going in, Scotty.)
I’m heading for the language
behind the language:
table brake self-same
The winter’s first big snow, unstinting
(although our green blob map online
does show an end in sight),
is late this year,
filtering colors out of the view
from my writing table,
which is still divine.
© Connie Vial Green
February 2007

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